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Established in ___, Bear Wood Windows has cemented itself as a leader in historical, commercial window renovations. Bear is one of a small handful of companies that both restore and replicate historical windows. Even within this niche, Bear is at the forefront of its industry, having worked on buildings such as the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and King Street Station. Rooted in Tacoma, WA, Bear’s projects can be found abundantly within the Pacific Northwest and as far East as Yellowstone National Park, WY.


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What We Do


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Our Mission

We strive to restore windows that express the vision of their initial creation. Quality and responsibility are the most pertinent qualities that we hold. Our loyalty to these standards makes Bear Wood Windows an exemplar of excellence and trustworthiness. Not only do we restore historical architecture, but also contribute to forest restoration efforts.


For example, Bear Wood Windows has been partnered with the National Forest Foundation since ____ to replenish trees and rebuild habitats. Our contribution to the NFF has accounted for over ______ trees planted. The commitment to conservation is largely integrated into our business standards and culture.